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Content Storage Management

StorageDNA DNA SAN Sync

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Model Description:
Media Management, Global WAN Collaboration, Server/SAN Synchronization

Model Details

Local Synchronization

Simply deploy DNASync on any SAN client. Via a web interface, you can schedule syncs from your primary storage to any Nearline storage of your choice. Your primary content will be auto-synced, with snapshots enabling an efficient recovery mechanism.

Network Synchronization

Simply deploy DNASync on both SAN client systems. A direct peer-to-peer connection is established over the intermediate LAN/WAN link. Content is WAN accelerated , encrypted and auto-synced. Interrupts such as lost connections are managed behind the scenes.

Server/SAN Sync

DNASync features the first sync engine tuned for media SANs. Tuned to sync large media SANs with hundreds of TBs and designed to hit multiple Gbs/sec of bandwidth, DNASync is a key tool in achieving the fastest backups for your production SAN, enabling snapshot based recoveries and making complete offsite disaster recovery possible for your media environment.1.Faster, Cheaper, More Reliable Backups: DNASync uses disk to disk synchronization with deltas enabling the fastest backups. Compared to tape, disk backups are far more reliable and cheaper than complex tape libraries.
2.Faster Recoveries Using Snapshots: DNASync enables snapshots. Snapshots are previous point in time copies of your content maintained by DNASync on any secondary storage of your choice. Snapshots are instantly accessible just like any other file and results in instant restores. Further, DNASync snapshots are "space-intelligent", requiring only incremental storage for changes.
3.Disaster Recovery: DNASync allows you to sync any SAN/NAS across remote distances. This enables you to keep a ready recovery copy off-site in case of a site loss.
4.Cross-site Collaboration: How do you keep remote groups synchronized? DNASync enables you sync entire SANs across sites. WAN optimization, delta technology, network resiliency algorithms make it possible to keep TB large SANs in sync with one another.

Additional Detailed Information:

Key Technology Highlights
Compatible With Numerous Shared Storage Systems
Our technology integrates seamlessly with your storage systems (Avid Unity/ISIS, Apple XSAN, Quantum StorNext, Isilon, Editshare, Facilis). In fact you can synchronize any combination of shared storage systems with other direct attached storage - helping you maximize cost efficiencies. Further, we can synchronize over Ethernet and other protocols such as FC, SCSI, SATA etc.
Time Travel with Snapshots
Along with synchronizing content, we enable Snapshots. Snapshots are space efficient previous point in time copies of your content - enabling you to instantly recover from not only hard failures but also from single file corruption or operator error.
Tuned For Maximum Throughput
Being a solution tuned for media environments, our solutions have consistently achieved multiple GBits/sec of performance over LAN, WAN and other storage links including FC, SCSI, SATA etc.
Fully Automated Sync With Delta Intelligence
Set and forget solution automatically synchronizes source and target storage systems. Further, delta intelligence can keep large storage systems sycnhronized over smaller bandwidth links as we can intelligently only synchronize changed bytes at a sub file level.
WAN Optimization
WAN optimization algorithms accelerate synchronizations over larger bandwidth, high latency links. TCP/IP WAN optimization enables you to maximize your WAN links and at the same time maintain network security policies.

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